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Monitoring and Auditing are essential controls for detecting, preventing and deterring irregularities in an organization. The intent is to incorporate a system of external reviews to assist in the identification of areas that require improvement while simultaneously ensuring the existing systems are free from error.

The audit is a careful and objective examination of evidence and evaluation of records and practices to make sure that processes are as well established and are being carried out as established.

Audits are performed, by means of interviews, site visits and discussions with employees, review of documents and records, which are crucial parts of every audit.

Four-D can help clients to continually improve by conducting monitoring audits on various aspects of their industrial set up.

Four-D caters to all those brands who may not be big names but are committed to exercise their responsibility across their value chain, to ensure ethical conduct and responsible social and environmental performance.

During a social compliance audit, commonly known as a social audit or ethical audit, we focus on more than just what’s being produced in your supply chain. For example, an inspector might look only at the quality of your products or services; but as social compliance auditors we look beyond that to assess the working standards of your facility following a set of standards and procedures and established ethical practices.

Some of the topics that our social compliance audits include are:
• Child labour laws
• Forced labour laws
• Discrimination laws
• Minimum wage laws
• Worker living standards
• Disciplinary practices
• Working hours
• Overtime wages
• Social benefits
• Safety and health
• Protection of the environment

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Four-D can conduct monitoring audits on the elements specific to a client’s established code of conduct requirements.

Typically the COC audits can cover topics like:

• Diversity, Harassment and Discrimination at workplace
• Safety at workplace
• Gift and entertainment policy
• Fair competition
• Confidentiality and non-disclosure
• Intellectual property protection
• Protection of personal / private information
• Cyber security

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The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has developed a Sustainability Framework that articulates the performance standards on 8 performance elements, which are:
1. Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts
2. Labour and Working Conditions
3. Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention
4. Community Health, Safety, and Security
5. Land Acquisition and Resettlement
6. Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources
7. Indigenous People
8. Cultural Heritage

Four-D can conduct monitoring assessments / audits on a client’s choice in line with one or more elements on the IFC performance elements.
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Four-D has been increasingly involved with those organizations who believe that “one size does not fit all” and seek to implement customized solutions.

We can help our clients in their process evaluation with respect to environmental, health and safety (EHS) risk assessment, risk mitigation programmes based on specific requirements depending on the nature and complexities of the processes. We undertake to perform risk assessment, process safety and EHS audits.

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Fire is a hazard in any part of the premises regardless of size, sector, or location. Due to its catastrophic nature, successful management of fire safety is essential to ensure a sense of calm in the workplace. Ensuring life safety is the most essential aspect of all building codes.

Four-D has been performing life and fire safety audits against national and international life & fire safety standards and codes. We have been able to help the organizations set up robust and effective life and fire safety systems through our interventions.
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Due diligence assessment is usually restricted to the financial aspects of an asset, and often overlooks the non-financial risks that may compromise the economic viability or operability of a project. However, experience has shown that neglecting non-financial risk areas such as environmental, socio-economic and sustainability may be problematic and, under extreme circumstances can become potentially disastrous for a project.

Four-D can assist financial institutions and global finance bodies, multilateral & international aid agencies etc. to assess the environmental, health & safety and social accountability aspects of any project.
Four-D has been conducting monitoring of various organizations for their social and environmental performance. We have been performing these monitoring against various international standards or sustainability framework and IFC performance Standards and General and sector specific EHS guidelines. Read more on: http://www.ifc.org/

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For any business, its workforce is its most valuable asset. And ensuring the rights and working conditions of the workers is the key to the success of any enterprise.

Internationally recognised labour rights are documented in places such as the IFC Performance Standards, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Standards, and the Human Rights Council etc.

Four-D is specialized in conducting audits at various organizations based on standards for the labour rights and workings condition. During these assessments, we typically focus on standard frameworks like, IFC performance standards, General and sector specific EHS guidelines etc.

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Four-D has been conducting internal audits and pre-audits for of various organizations for various ISO standards and thus helping them to enhance effectiveness of their management system and capability of their internal teams. We are preferred partners to provide internal audit and pre-audit support for various organizations. We would be happy to extend our trusted services to exceed your expectations.

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Four-D can support the clients in conducting audits at their supply chain locations like product suppliers, service providers etc.
We can conduct audits at your suppliers based on specific topics and standards like:

• Supplier initial evaluation
• Periodic quality management
• Supplier process capability audits
• Process safety audits
• Audits on Contract terms and conditions
• Social compliance audits
• Code of conduct audits
• Audits on IFC standard
• Environmental, health and safety audits
• Non-financial due diligence audits
• Labour and working condition audits
• Intellectual property protection audits

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