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Four-D can help organizations to build their CSR systems on robust foundations of management system principles. Our facilitation would involve the following:

  • CSR Needs assessment
  • Development of Social engagement protocols
  • Development of CSR monitoring tools
  • Customized Monitoring and assessment support
  • Reporting


Although what is indicated above is a list of tasks that would normally be requested. We can develop CSR programmes based on the needs assessment and unique organizational dynamics. . Please write to us: info@four-d-consulting.com


Consumers across the globe and especially in USA and Europe are increasingly becoming concerned with

  • Climate change
  • Social issues such as human rights abuses

 These concerns when combined with the increasing complexity of the global supply chain, require that companies take steps to:

  • Address stakeholder concerns regarding the social aspects of the supply chain
  • Provide information on the environmental impacts of their products
  • Ensure that the quality of products delivered by suppliers in the supply chain is maintained at the required level

As many of these issues have only come to the forefront of consumer concern in the last few years, companies are only just starting to address these issues in an organised and process driven manner to assure their stakeholders.

While exceptionally large organisations may be able to audit their global supply chains on a regular basis to ensure the necessary levels of compliance, many companies will need a service provider that can provide the necessary audit capability covering the social, environmental and quality aspects of their global supply chain.

Four-D has the experience and capability to provide you with a comprehensive and commercially viable monitoring of your suppliers in India and across Asia to ensure compliance with required CSR, environmental and business standards. We can help the organizations and brands to build their CSR systems on robust foundations of management system principles involving consistent and purposeful engagement with their supply chain. Our Supply chain CSR facilitation would involve the following:

  • Performance of quality assurance checks / audits
  • Development of social and environmental code of conduct and definition of key performance indicators.
  • Development of protocols and tools for supply chain monitoring
  • Development of customized remediation plans through participatory approach.

Please write to us: info@four-d-consulting.com


Four-D recognizes that CSR needs of organizations, brands and monitoring agencies are diverse and dynamic. Hence, we engage with relevant stakeholders to elicit their feedback and gauge the impact of various CSR initiatives by defining the appropriate metrics. We can help the organizations and brands to strengthen their CSR systems through field studies, collation of views of stakeholders and various engagement strategies.

Please write to us: info@four-d-consulting.com

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