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How Much Time Will It Take To Implement A Management System?
The time taken to implement a management system depends on several factors such as company size, the maturity of existing systems in your organization and the system or systems (like, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 etc.) you are implementing. A typical implementation will take a minimum of 4 to 6 months for a single site and a period of 9 months to a year for a multi-site initiative. A client specific road map is prepared after the initial gap analysis where we mutually agree on the time frames.
Can My Company Integrate Management Systems?

Yes, management system can be integrated in a seamless fashion. One of the core strengths of Four-D is to integrate management systems combining initiatives across Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Social Accountability and Food Safety By their very nature international standards have been developed to be compatible with each other. Commonly implemented standards such as ISO 9001(quality), ISO 14001(Environment), ISO 45001(Occupational Health & safety) have several key elements which allow easy integration. Organizations also benefit a great deal because common elements can be integrated to reduce documentation, streamline practices and bring about better accountability.

How Much Will It Cost?
The cost is determined considering several factors such as size of the facility, the system(s) you wish to implement, the degree of intervention required from Four-D etc. For a no obligation cost proposal please get in touch with us.
What Resources Will Be Required From Our Company?

For successful implementation a single point contact is to be assigned to drive the initiatives. We also recommend the formation of a cross functional team to spearhead organization wide implementation. Apart from these people resources, training facilities may be required from time to time. Implementation specific resources (in terms of men, material, machinery etc) may vary from company to company.

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