Four-D is a management consulting company based in Bangalore, India providing a comprehensive set of services for internationally recognised management systems to medium and large enterprises around the world. Our service delivery is focused in four areas
Consulting services for implementation of management systems covering quality, environment, health and safety, food safety, social accountability and information security
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Training services for management, staff and shop floor personnel covering relevant aspects of management systems
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Evaluation/Auditing of global supply chains for compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards
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Due diligence services in the areas of social accountability and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
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Because our focus is to help you do business better by emphasising sustainable practices, smarter use of people power, value addition through waste reduction and streamlining your management systems.
Because our multidisciplinary professional team is committed and specialized to deliver results in all our Consulting and Training engagements.
Because we facilitate establishment of effective processes leading to optimum resources utilization enabling you to delivery lasting value to all your stakeholders.
Because we believe in a partnership approach and work hand in hand with our clients to achieve their results.

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